About Us

We are a Canadian insurance brokerage and risk management consultancy with a national footprint and a focus on service excellence.

Founded in 1997, Jones Brown is distinguished by its peerless client service, its best-in-class team of experts, and its singular commitment to providing innovative, tailored solutions for complex problems.

Jones Brown works with a diverse range of individuals and global corporations offering clients a uniquely Canadian perspective, rooted in a sense of independence, a long-term view, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We joined the Gallagher family in January 2019.

Our Values

We live these operating principles daily as they are embedded in our culture. They guide us to create a truly different and better experience for our customers.

Our values contribute to ensuring our clients like, trust, and believe us. We think it is important to share these with you.

We get personal.

We are committed to developing deep, enduring relationships with our clients. To this end, we are approachable and responsive, building trust and loyalty by putting our clients’ interests above all.

Jones Brown Brokerage Canada

We are professionals who care more.

Our clients will tell you that our customer experience is our superior market offering, and we believe this because we do care more.
We benefit from our clients’ successes, and we like it when they succeed – so we go the extra mile and do the extra work to support them.

We connect with our clients, differently.

We remain focused on our clients and what they need. We do not allow ourselves to be distracted by shareholder demands or market events, and we think this is important as a service provider. Acting in our clients best interests all the time – this is the foundation of a better customer experience – it is about you.

We innovate.

We take a creative, thoughtful approach to our business, working ceaselessly to innovate and improve our offering. Now backed by the power of Gallagher, we have access to new resources to assist us.

we innovate

Knowledge creates leverage.

We are deeply committed to understanding your business and using the information we learn to craft a more intelligent solution.

Our results are not just better, but personalized and unique for every client.

We are experts.

Our team comprises best-in-class insurance specialists, who bring unmatched knowledge and understanding to their area of expertise.

Jones Brown Insurance

It takes first-class people to give first-class service.

You will be served by both a personal contact and a team of strategic insurance consultants. We match our team’s expertise and personality to the client and deliver resources based on our clients’ needs.

Trust our people are highly experienced, true team players, and consistent.

Highly experienced and continually improving.

We continually invest in our people to ensure they are equipped to deliver relevant solutions as risk in the world evolves. Each of our employees is encouraged and required to participate in continuing education to further their knowledge on technical insurance, risk, and business in general. Education is critical to delivering improved product and relevant advice.

We tailor solutions

We eschew a one-size-fits-all approach – we know this doesn’t work. We work closely with clients to offer services and products that meet their unique needs and that support their business objectives.

custom tailor

We are entrepreneurs that pivot with our clients.

We are directly connected to our clients’ results and we always respond to their interests first, and always.

We are constantly innovating to help guide clients to manage risks in their businesses. When our clients take risk, have losses, or need help, we will do what it takes to be right there with them.

We diagnose, then prescribe.

The diagnosis approach is critical to what happens when we go to buy insurance. We want your insurance partners to have all the right facts in order to structure the most appropriate program for you.

We are Canadian

We are a proudly Canadian company, now backed by global capital. Our approach is distinguished by a sense of prudence, restraint, and an uncompromising long-term view.

Canadian insurance brokerage

We believe strongly in our presence.

While the world is evolving and globalization benefits many, we believe the strong reputation enjoyed by Canadian companies is valued by our clients, both foreign and domestic.

We celebrate diversity.

At Jones Brown, diversity is important. We believe diversity on a team is power and brings perspective to the community of people we are supporting: our clients, the community we interact with on your behalf, the marketplace, your lenders, investors, partners, and stakeholders.

Local view, global vision

We search for the best protection

We search our top-tier Canadian sources of capital, and utilize our Gallagher partners across the globe, to locate the most efficient, highest quality policy in the world for you. Our global network is your competitive advantage.

$150m Premium written by Jones Brown in Canada
34 Active in 34 Countries
35+ Gallagher offices across Canada

Why we make a great partner

Jones Brown is by its nature, different than the majority of insurance brokerage players in the Canadian marketplace.

Distinguished by our peerless client service and best-in-class team of experts, we are deeply committed to delivering solutions that let you sleep comfortably at night.

Our natural competitive advantage

  • Gallagher is a family-led company with a long term view. We do not allow ourselves to be distracted by quarterly results or any other non-client-centric demands.
  • We are inherently connected to the results of our clients and have direct vested interest in seeing our clients succeed. We win with them, lose with them, win again with them.
  • We carry a greater responsibility to ensure that they are serviced excellently, receiving innovation, and best-in-class expertise.
  • We always aim to be flexible, fast, and nimble.
  • We use our reputation, not our volumes and size, to demand things from the marketplace. Underwriters respect our work, and they support us in remarkable ways in order to achieve the right client results.

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