Funding, developing, and building a project is costly and complex, but the insurance purchase does not have to be. At Jones Brown we intelligently protect your bottom line, ensuring value creation for all project stakeholders, at every stage – from drawings to occupancy.

Exposure Summary

Pipes burst, fires rage, and cranes topple. Mistakes happen and unfortunately they lead to project disruption, costly delays, and lawsuits.

Jones Brown works with developers, owners, contractors, design professionals, and investment firms involved with the construction of residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.

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Our Approach

Having developed our project expertise over many years, we are well-familiar with the various exposures to physical and financial risk that you face.

To help you identify and minimize those risks, we will review and advise on all aspects of insurance contracts. Our process will ensure you get the best project policy possible - so you'll be protected by comprehensive coverage if things do not go as planned. Learn more about specialized construction coverage below.

Builder's Risk Policy

Physical Loss or Damage to Permanent Construction and Temporary Works necessary to facilitate construction.

  • Hard Costs insurance coverage for labour and materials
  • Soft Costs insurance coverage for architectural, engineering, finance, and legal fees
  • Boiler & Machinery Coverage including Testing & Commissioning, Water Damage, Extra Expense, stemming from losses with respect to vessels, boilers, etc.
  • Business Interruption/Delay in Start Up – Limits to protect potential reductions in revenue stemming from physical damage loss
  • Marine Cargo can be added as a side policy where required for larger projects

Wrap-Up Liability Policy

Singular program focused insurance to cover Owner, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Consultants.

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Coverage
  • Higher Limits available where required per lending agreements, project scope (potential for significant third party damage), and city requirements
  • Completed Operations hazard coverage provides an extension of limits for 24 months or longer, after substantial completion of the project
  • Damage to existing or neighbouring structures
  • Sudden & Accidental Pollution coverage for a Project Specific Limit separate of general liability policies

Professional Liability

  • Contractor Professional Liability
  • Architects & Engineers Professional Liability
  • Project specific professional liability if required

Environmental Liability

  • Fixed Site Pollution Coverage – clean-up, remediation, restoration
  • Contractors Pollution Liability to include Mold, Fungus, Asbestos
  • Claims resulting after construction has finished not covered under Sudden & Accidental Pollution or the Wrap-Up Liability

Work with a team you can trust.

Our skill in presenting your project to a specialized marketplace of insurance providers familiar with protecting construction businesses is a significant advantage for you. We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best protection at the best price.

When something goes wrong, we know how to present a claim to get it paid quickly and without issue. If it is not going well, we step in and manage the process and advocate for you.

Globally relevant and backed by global capital, we search our top-tier  Canadian sources of capital, and utilize our Gallagher partners across the globe, to locate the most efficient, highest quality policy in the world for you. Our global network is your competitive advantage.

We don’t have a call centre, we have professionals who care more.

Our dedicated team has specialized experience insuring construction clients. We also partner with financially secure ‘A’ rated insurers and work alongside lenders to ensure your insurance meets everyone`s requirements.

We are professionals, who care more.

Jones Brown is a Canadian insurance brokerage and risk management consultancy with a national footprint and a focus on service excellence.

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