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Whether you are operating as a single or multi-family office, Jones Brown understands the complex needs of families with overlapping business and personal assets.

Exposure Summary

We work with families and their advisory teams to provide thoughtful personal and commercial risk advice to protect assets from risk. We serve both single and multi-family offices to ensure their insurance program is comprehensive, consistent, well-managed and cost-efficient.

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Our Approach

Insurer studies have found that over 70% of successful families have never had a professional assessment of their risk profile. They often lack specialized coverage for jewellery and fine art, and most do not carry enough liability coverage. We find that family offices are often under-served and do not experience advice in a meaningfully different way. This exposes families to structural and service inefficiencies and often unnecessary risk. Our goal is service excellence and value creation for our clients.

Some of the coverage we recommend and place on your behalf:


We work with all markets in Canada, the USA, and globally that serve the insurance needs of highly successful families

Risk Management Advisory

We work with families directly, their CFO’s, or their advisory teams (legal, wealth management, accounting/tax) to ensure assets are protected and wealth is preserved for the next generation.

Third Party Advisory

We have a circle of talent that we can refer our clients to in niche areas such as personal security, art conservation, collections management, technology platforms to manage assets, art, and household staff.

Work with a team you can trust.

Ill-fitting insurance can be almost as worthless as no insurance. This is especially true for busy, successful individuals who have more in their lives to look after.

Simple inattention, given enough time, creates insurance that is less relevant to your lifestyle – leaving you perhaps unaware and unprepared should something happen.

Our Private Client Services team specializes in assisting you to understand, update and optimize your coverage.

We spend time with you at your office or home to identify and quantify what you do, what you own, what you stand to lose, and what is needed to protect your family assets and reputation against uncertainty. Our review will also respect your lifestyle, personal values and goals.

We appreciate fine art, automobile, wine and jewellery collections, and can advise you on how to protect them. We understand that your nanny drives your car, you spend your winters in the south and your summers at the cottage, and that your bicycles cost more than some cars.


Our Private Client Services Team

We invite you to learn more about how our Private Client Services team can help you by contacting your Jones Brown representative at your earliest convenience. 

Our Private Client Services Team
Debbie Amaral Toronto Jones Brown
Debbie Amaral
Team Lead & Client Manager
Bill Semrau Vancouver Jones Brown
Bill Semrau
Vice President
Natalee Sinclair Vancouver Jones Brown
Natalee Sinclair
Vice President
Wendy Sinclair Vancouver Jones Brown
Wendy Sinclair
Area President, Vancouver
Amanda Tupper Vancouver
Amanda Tupper
Client Manager

We are professionals, who care more.

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