Our clients collect for many different reasons. Passion, investment returns, legacy, or a combination of each. There is a common misconception that your collection is fully protected by standard homeowner policies or automatically covered by a higher end insurer. But the reality is that most common insurance forms either specifically exclude irreplaceable pieces or limit the coverage or values to such an extent that they might as well not be covered. Let us help you understand the coverage that is available and at what cost, and then you can decide how you wish to protect your investment or cherished pieces.

Exposure Summary

We know that your treasures reflect memories and passions and that protecting them is paramount. We will help you find peace of mind with the pieces you have collected or inherited are protected with enhanced coverage and tailored limits. Wear your jewellery, loan your artwork, purchase new pieces while travelling – having the right coverage will ensure you can enjoy your prized possessions.

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Our Approach

Fine Art

Half of all art losses are caused by accidental damage. Damage caused by how your pieces were hung, how they were positioned, how they were cleaned, how they were lit, how you transported them – all seemingly innocuous situations, until they aren’t. Never assume that your artwork is properly insured. Instead, let’s have a conversation about properly displaying and protecting the work.

Art collectors, quite often, want to keep their pieces, even if they becomes damaged, rather than replace them with something of similar value. Most collectors who suffer a loss are not looking to replace one piece with another of similar value (or aesthetic quality, if that were even possible), but rather, they want to restore the original piece as closely as possible to its condition before the loss. Fine Art insurance policies provide broader coverage that is not limited to works on canvas or ceramics.  The coverage is underwritten by specialists and as such there are no hard and fast rules on appraisals, and no generic underwriting requirements – the coverage is unique to you, your collection and your needs.  Let us provide:

  • Access to experts: The shipment, preservation and collection of Art requires special logistics in respect to packing, transporting and displaying. We will work with you ensure the proper parameters are put in place.
  • A Bespoke Policy – no two Fine Art policies are alike. Unlike many typical consumer policies, and even most basic business policies, fine art insurance policies are not based upon standard forms. Instead, the coverage is crafted specifically to the unique circumstances of each situation — the type of art, the location(s) in which it is stored or displayed, and the nature of the insured party, whether it be a private Collector, a museum or gallery, or a large corporation.
  • Differentiated Representation – Once your needs are determined, our skill in presenting your risk to a specialized marketplace of insurers is of significant advantage to you. We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best protection at the best price.

Fine Jewellery and Timepieces

We believe that you should insure your most special pieces to ensure they are repaired and replaced to the highest standards possible.  Ensure that your treasured pieces are protected against such risks such as lost stones, mysterious disappearance, marring and scratching, and breakage and that you are covered wherever you are in the world.


Your wine collection requires specialized coverage due to its unique nature.  Ensure that you have coverage for breakage, temperature and humidity change, vibration and light with high values per bottle.


We can advise on diverse and private collections of rare and novel items such as books, coins, guns, taxidermy, model trains, dolls, furs or other unique pieces.

Work with a team you can trust.

Ill-fitting insurance can be almost as worthless as no insurance. This is especially true for busy, successful individuals who have more in their lives to look after.

Simple inattention, given enough time, creates insurance that is less relevant to your lifestyle – leaving you perhaps unaware and unprepared should something happen.

Our Private Client Services team specializes in assisting you to understand, update and optimize your coverage.

We spend time with you at your office or home to identify and quantify what you do, what you own, what you stand to lose, and what is needed to protect your family assets and reputation against uncertainty. Our review will also respect your lifestyle, personal values and goals.

We appreciate fine art, automobile, wine and jewellery collections, and can advise you on how to protect them. We understand that your nanny drives your car, you spend your winters in the south and your summers at the cottage, and that your bicycles cost more than some cars.

Our Private Client Services Team

We invite you to learn more about how our Private Client Services team can help you by contacting your Jones Brown representative at your earliest convenience.

Our Private Client Services Team
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